Get to know the artist behind The Loft designs.

Brian Crawford is a native to Northeast Arkansas where he has been creating art since childhood. It is there he obtained a degree in Commercial Art and Journalism from Arkansas State University as well as an MBA. He recently moved to Dexter, Missouri after the death of his mother and a 15 year design career with Lowes. Art and creating always being a passion, there he developed his skill for Interior Design. So now, life again, begins with waking up and going to sleep with a need to create. He soon went to work transforming a generic metal building into a showplace for his home and studio. Deep woods, rich area rugs, rare and unique accent pieces and four passive felines welcome visitors.

Although watercolor is his favorite medium, he works in a variety of mediums. Oil, pen and ink, pencil, graphic computer design and a unique art form called scherenschnitte, as well as photography.

"I appreciate having complete freedom and liberty to design and develop a vision that is truly my own. My passion to produce art and design that captures my love of all things beautiful is what I strive to accomplish. Many times, I sit quietly, paint brush in hand, and reflect on how my life has been so blessed. Over the years, my art reflects the stages of my life as well as my growth as an individual. Everyone, I feel has their own unique way to bring beauty to the world. I find mine in the art I create to share with others. I paint everyday life because I feel there is beauty in everything. I enjoy looking deeper to find the uniqueness that I know is there. Life is so good."

Inspired by the serenity of the changing seasons, he delights in timeless design. Beautiful stained glass windows and breath taking architecture are some of his inspirations. In his studio, Crawford surrounds himself with colorful hues, antiques and many facets of art and design.

Whether through the lens of his camera, paint brush or pen, he creates the ultimate expression that evokes true emotion.

  The Loft
8 Stoddard Street
Dexter, Mo 573-614-5161
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