Autumn in Dexter.

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Fri, Nov 16th, 2012

I cannot say why autumn is my favorite time of year.  Perhaps it's all the vibrant shades and colors.  The large oak in the front yard is just vibrant as the sunlight peeks throught the branches and illumnates the leaves, demanding to not just be admired, but captured in an eternal painting. Wind chimes announce the arrival of a sharp hint of Autumn air.

A neighbor's cat has come to haunt the property, and I happily watch as he perches on the white fence post.  He brings an unbidden smile as I observe him swatting a yellow butterfly that flits teasingly near and then away into an ever-deepening blue sky.  "Spooks" is a good name for him, I think, as i see him float across the yard, chasing squirrels up into the branches.  Now, he is frightening bees out of the red berry bushes and driving neighboorhood dogs into a frienzy.

There is a beautiful pond and meadow across the road that entertains children from noon to night with its long, generous table of golden light and a grove of trees adding dimension to the skyline.  walking through the yard in the eveing allows one final sunset viewed from the front porch where the sky holds nothing but a blue birds song hovering above the dusky field.

One neighbor is trimming his grass maybe for the last time this year, pauses and looks up the trunk of a tree.  It's leaves now a bright yellow as the days have cooled.  In a few weeks the leaves will drop, all at once, as they usually do, spreading a beautiful golden carpet over the lawn. 

The fields of cornstalks are tall, and as the sun goes down on our farm, an orange glow, moody and mysterious, rise from there midst.  Soon the cotton will be gathered into plentiful harvest and wheat planted.  With the cat asleep in hall basking in the last of the summer sun, elm and maple trees litter the hillside like confetti, there is nowhere else i would rather be.

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