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What could say more than a picture of a special person in your life?  A photo of your home or favorite place transformed into Art. Our family, our homes, our places of worship, they all represent us.  They are our style, our pride, and our heritage.Preserve the essence of something or someone dear to you that will last.....



Many original works are available. Commissions are welcome!

I work in a variety of mediums as well as points of interest with portraits, architectural interpretations and paper crafts being the most popular. I like to use photos and complete the works in my studio. Appointments at the studio or at the client's location are available. When an appointment can't be made, color photos of the subject are required.

I can ship to any location. Works are usually unframed, but can be framed out.

Fees are based upon the work and time involved. Commissions starting at $50.00, of which travel, shipping and framing options are NOT included.

Please contact the office with any questions.

We also have additional works of art, paintings and prints to adorn your home. Something for every taste and style of decor.  If we dont have it, we will get it :)

  The Loft
8 Stoddard Street
Dexter, Mo 573-614-5161
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