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Home, a word that hums with comfortable, familiar & warm emotion. Your home is your sanctuary, your place to rest, recharge and relax. Your home should tell a story ~ your story.

Decorating your home should be about how you live your life, with your family's comfort and personality at its heart. Give it plenty of style by personalizing your rooms with things you love.It's more important than ever to create a warm home, a sanctuary and haven filled with beauty, where you create precious memories with those you love. A home that is filled with comfort & tranquility, and rooms that make you smile.

The Loft is about your lifestyle. Our love for all things beautiful inspires us to seek out stylish pieces that help you create your dream home, whether it's a petit cottage or grand chateau. Mixing European elegance with American style, old with new, we love to inspire you!

  The Loft
8 Stoddard Street
Dexter, Mo 573-614-5161

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